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‘From developmentaid to help with development’

CoronaVirus in Nepal

Since the start of the nation wide ‘lockdown’ on 24 March, most Nepalese are at home. Only some have work and with that an income, because they have a shop, for example, that can be open on set times during the day. For most, the lockdown means no work, no income. Hunger is the greatest danger at this time. With a donation of €25, we can have a family supplied for a week. Help us support our local initiatives in this difficult time!

28 May 2022, 8:37 AM (GMT)

Covid-19 Nepal Stats

979,118 Total Cases
11,952 Deaths
967,052 Recovered

Nepal 2020 – Covid-19

Nepal in 2020 ‘from development aid to help with development’Covid-19 Nepal is facing very difficult times, extremely difficult…the hard working people from this beautiful country that lay at the foot of the Himalaya’s needs your help, especially in their current...

Covid-19 Special

To support the Nepalese, we have a special offer. At a minimum donation of €25,- we will send you one of these Covid-19 Special bracelets. The bracelets are made of wood with a Buddha ornament and available in two sizes.

With €25,- we can support a family of 8 people with food for about a week and a half. It’s a drop on a hot plate but it helps these people at least for certain period of time.

With a donation of at least €50,- we can help two families, we will send a limited edition Covid-19 bracelet. These are made from lotus seed with or twice Turkoois or twice Tiger Eyes beats, and a Buddha ornament and available in two sizes.

(after the donation is done, we will contact you to verify the size and the kind of bracelet so we can send it when possible)

Bracelets by Khagendra

Foundation Creative Nepal

Welfare, Education, and Care are important factors in a human life. In Nepal, these three factors are not self-evident and therefore jeopardise the basic needs of many. By working with local initiatives aimed at improving these factors, we can start developing a sustainable future.

We believe that working with local initiatives works well. In this way, the initiative remains with the Nepalese themselves and hold the responsibility in their own hands. Sitting back and waiting for money to be handed out is not a solution for us. Our basic model is, therefore, helping with personal development.

Women of Nepal

Foundation Creative Nepal is committed to help women in Nepal who have ended up in a difficult situation. We offer them a solid foundation through education and support with employment,. This allows them to be independent in life and create a strong base for themselves and their children.


For people with a disability, life in Nepal is not easy. Proper care is hard to realise and socially they are often excluded from society. Creative Nepal is committed to helping this group through financial support and to initiate projects which they can actively participate in.

Fair products from Nepal

The products of Creative Nepal are made under good and honest conditions by the people we support with our projects. The proceeds are 100% for the charity.

Christmas Package

warm Christmas
from €12,50

Natural Bracelets

Nice present
from €7,50

Cashmere + Lotus

Gift set

Linen + Tea + Lotus

Beautiful gift
from €27,50

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Every donation, large or small contributes to a better world for the people of Nepal

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