‘by remaining small, Foundation Creative Nepal can do great things’

Welfare, Education and Care

In Nepal these three factors cannot be taken for granted, which causes their basic needs to come in danger. To work with local initiatives who focus on improving these factors, one can begin to develop a sustainable company.

Foundation Creative Nepal is committed to help the  people who cannot take care of thiscaused by their circumstances.

By collaborating with a number of local parties who have the same goal, we join forces
And we can achieve greater goals with more knowledge and dedication.

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Local Women's Handicrafts

Together with the women of LWHNepal, we are committed to helping young girls and women in Nepal  by creating more consciousness about menstruation. Breaking a taboo is done together!

Khagendra New Life Home

The sanitation at Khagendra are in need of thorough adjustment and upgrade. Help us make a big difference for these people!So that the residents can safely use the toilet.

With donations, advice, creating or joining projects ourselves, Foundation Creative Nepal wants to contribute in improving the Nepalese society

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‘by joining forces we achieve more’
With your help we can keep doing our work in Nepal

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