Achieved goals 2018

‘From development aid to support with development’

Foundation Creative Nepal, 2018

The first year of Foundation Creative Nepal is a fact. Since February 2018, the foundation has been set up with the aim of helping Nepalese in health care, education, work and living, especially differently-abled and women. With the aim to encourage help with development rather than development aid.

We want to thank all our sponsors and donors for all the support.

Namaste, Team Foundation Creative Nepal

Annual report 2018

Information about Foundation Creative Nepal

The aim of the foundation is to help the people of Nepal, particularly differently-abled and women, by promoting independence. In January the board began with Joost van Riel (chairman), Krien Soeting (Treasurer) and Connor Schatz (secretary). Douwe Soeting, initiator of the foundation, as our contact person in Nepal, in the months he is in the Netherlands, he is doing fundraising. In December 2018, Connor indicated that she could no longer combine her role with her private life. Connor’s role has been temporarily filled by Joost to pass on to the new Secretary Annemijn Mors after a short period of time.

Fundraising 2018

Sponsorship from cooperation with the following:

  • Foundation ProActive Nepal (Arnhem, The Netherlands)
  • Foundation Veldwerk (The Netherlands, Nepal)
  • Help Silent Voices (The Netherlands, Nepal)
  • Donations from family and friends
  • Donations from promotion and fundraising by Douwe
  • Advertising for (affiliate)

Foundation Creative Nepal collaborates with

Khagendra New Life Home (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Local Women’s Handicrafts (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Foundation ProActive Nepal (Arnhem, The Netherlands)
Foundation Veldwerk (The Netherlands, Nepal)

Achieved goals 2018

Courtyard, Khagendra

The courtyard at Khagendra is a very important place for the residents. It offers the necessary shelter from wind and unrest from outside and ensures that the residents can be safe outside. The situation as it was made driving to and from in a wheelchair not easy. The concrete floor and exit out was broken in several places, creating holes. To ensure that all residents could benefit from the garden and courtyard, Foundation Creative Nepal renovated the entrances and exits towards the main hall and kitchen.

Sponsoring Residents Khagendra

For the full 2018, we were able to support five residents with the monthly fee for Khagendra New Life Home. This not only makes their life easier but also the lives of their families. The cost for Khagendra is not high, with €50, – a month, including housing, food three times daily, and medical care. However, for some of the residents, it’s not possible to bear these costs. With our help, they have a safe place and can focus on recovering and creating a new life.

We thank our sponsors, especially  Foundation ProActive Nepal for making this possible.

Sanitary packages, Purano Guheshwori, Kathmandu

In February we went to a high school in one of the suburbs of Kathmandu, in order to provide information to 153 students about the monthly period and the hygiene and care that come with menstruating. We were able to show that menstruation is a natural proces that everyone should be aware of. Women, but just as important, men. A successful day with a lot of enthusiastic faces.

Beauty day ‘Girls Only’ Khagendra

Saturday February 24, it finally started: The khagendra beauty saloon was opened! Packed with goods, we went to Khagendra by bus, a little bit nervous in the hope that it would all go well and the girls would react happy. We had makeup, cremes, nail polish, bracelets, cake, chocolate and cookies. Colourful posters and balloons to hang! At first they were hesitant but after seeing one resident getting a makeover the day was a very big success. This tastes like more for the women and also the men. Next time.

Photoshoot Khagendra

After the success of the beauty day, for girls’only, it was time to organise something for the gentlemen of Khagendra also. That’s how we came up with the idea for a photoshoot. For the women and men. And then not one where you’r as beautiful as possible, but as funny and crazy as possible (and that seamed not to be  a difficult job for the people at Khagendra). And so we created a nice place for photos, with makeup, balloons, fake snow and much more. Especially with lots of fun and enthusiasm. It was a beautiful sunny day, so perfect light for the pictures!

Sanitary packages, Sarana Mabey, Kathmandu

In March 2018 we started and concluded a project at Sarana Mabey secondary school. At the school, we were able to hand out 175 packages and give the necessary information to the girls but also boys and men. It was nice to see how we got received and how the information was absorbed by all the students and how they were listening with a lot of attention and interest. Projects like these are important to create more awareness for women as well as for men.

Solar-Energy at Khagendra

What would we do without power?
Can you imagine what it would be like if we can’t recharge our cell phone, or turn on the television? And what if we don’t have light in our home? In Nepal, there are still regular power cuts. Also in Kathmandu, for example, because there is not enough capacity for a large city like this to provide full power. For many here in Nepal, that’s a normal thing as they live in the moment. Power or no power. For the people at Khagendra, it can create dangerous circumstances. Some of the residents rely on powered air mattrasses to prevent pressure sores. With the new battery set and controller, we were able to create a safe situation.

Distribution of clothing to poor families

On Friday, 9 March, we went together with Saheen of Local Woman’s Handicrafts to distribute clothes to poor families near Swayambunath, also known as the Monkey Temple. Maxime and Dowed were up early to help Saheen gather all the donated clothes at her house in Thamel, then to share them with poor families. For many people in Nepal, it is not possible to purchase good clothes for the winter. This way, we can help them with this basic need.

Women training center, Kathmandu

In addition to the projects we do regarding the information on menstruation and hygiene, we also assist Local Women’s Handicrafts in the day – to – day affairs and share our knowledge in the area of sales, administration and all sorts of other matters that are needed for operating a store and workshop. The training center and workshop provide employment and education to ± 35 women. By giving these women a safe and secure place to work and learn, they get the basic requirements to uplift their own lives and that of their families.

Sanitation, Khagendra

The sanitary facilities at Khagendra needed a thorough adjustment and upgrade. The situation now creates that not all toilets and showers can be used, so several residents must go through unnecessary trouble to shower or simply go to the toilet. It’s time to make the mandatory adjustments and renewal so that the sanitation is accessible for all residents. In 2018 we completed Phase 1. For 2019 we have phases 2 and 3 on the schedule.

Support Foundation Creative Nepal

For 2019 we have beautiful projects planned. The work we do at Khagendra New Life Home will continue, providing safer and more accessible sanitation and improving overall living conditions. For the menstruation and hygiene project, we have more locations planned. Along the way, we will find more projects to be part of.

You can support us via: Support Creative Nepal

Namaste, Team Foundation Creative Nepal

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