Achieved goals 2019

‘From development aid to support with development’

Foundation Creative Nepal, 2019

For us also 2019 was a great success. We started and finnished a number of projects at Khagendra New Life Home and to many women, we were able to offer a sanitary package during information days. It was a diverse year in which all kinds of things came forward. Working with differently-abled at Khagendra has been extended further and the product line has grown. In addition to the beautiful projects of this year, we also personally experienced a disaster, the flood in Terai, the South-East of Nepal. This was not an easy task.

We willen al onze sponsoren en donateurs hartelijk bedanken voor alle steun. 

Namaste, Team Stichting Creative Nepal

Annual report 2019

Information about Foundation Creative Nepal

The aim of the foundation is to help the people of Nepal, particularly differently-abled and women, by promoting independence. In January the board began with Joost van Riel (chairman), Krien Soeting (Treasurer) and Connor Schatz (secretary). Douwe Soeting, initiator of the foundation, as our contact person in Nepal, in the months he is in the Netherlands, he is doing fundraising.  Because Krien was only temporary in place for the treasurer position, we started looking for a suitable person for the job. Iris Veenhuizen worked as a physiotherapist at Khagendra New Life Home for several months. The step to fulfil the position therefor was not very big. We are happy to have another female board member in our midst.

Fundraiser 2019

Sponsorship from collaboration with:

  • Foundation ProActief Nepal (Arnhem, Netherlands)
  • Foundation Veldwerk (Netherlands, Nepal)
  • Donations from family and friends
  • Donations from fundraising by Douwe
  • From (affiliate)

Foundation Creative Nepal collaborates with

Khagendra New Life Home (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Local Women’s Handicrafts (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Foundation ProActive Nepal (Arnhem, The Netherlands)
Foundation Veldwerk (The Netherlands, Nepal)

Achieved goals 2019

Menstruation and hygiene, Goganphur Saptari, Terai

An important part of our foundation is giving information about menstruation and hygiene. With projects like this, we are not only creating consciousness with women but also help to take away a taboo on menstruation. Chhaupadi causes annual death and serious conditions for women. We are trying to banish this old use, which has a strong influence on the well – being of women. It’s rooted deep within society so change doesn’t come overnight. We see a big difference with the younger generation. We hope to be able to do more of these projects to create a greater reach. In 2020, we set our target of 5,000 packages. With your support, we can certainly achieve that.

Sponsoring residents, Khagendra

In 2019, we were able to carry the cost for five residents at Khagendra New Life Home. This not only helps the residents themselves but also their families so their life is a lot easier. The cost of stay is not high, with around €50,- a month, they have shelter, food three times a day and medical care. In Tej’s case, for which we finance the study costs, it’s different. He works to pay for his residence, but he doesn’t have enough income to finance his studies to become a teacher.

We thank our sponsors, especially  Foundation ProActive Nepal for making this possible.

Sanitation, Khagendra (fase 2)

Where we were able to make a nice start in 2018 with the renewal and improvement of sanitation, we were able to complete phase 2 in 2019. The main 5 sanitary rooms for residents are now done. We do this project in stages because we want to make sure it works and is suitable for all the residents. In this way, we can adopt the best solution in every room. For 2020 we will have 2 more spaces on the agenda.

A part of the sponsorship for these rooms is donated, a remaining sum of ± €1750,-, is still needed. Support us through: Support Creative Nepal.

After school activity, Chandani

Chandani is a young lady from the Terai, now about 12. She lives and goes to school in Kathmandu, where she gets a good education. To make sure that after school she doesn’t get to work in a store or get other jobs that don’t belong to a 12-year-old girl we decided to offer her an extracurricular activity. Namely, climbing in the nearby climbing hall. She likes climbing, with this, she can do her own thing and has her own group of friends. We were very proud that after a little three months of climbing at her first competition she finished seventh out of the 50 girls. There’s only one thing for her to do as compensation: doing her best at school. She likes to do that.

Bracelets and dreamcatchers, Khagendra

For many people at Khagendra, the day consists of waiting for the day to be over. There are games to play like carrom or chess but not much more. This has to change, we thought. With the project, ‘handcrafted products of Khagendra’ we have created a daily activity where residents can make something and earn money. In addition, the profit from sales is for improving living conditions and helping residents who need extra support. The products can be purchased in a number of places in Nepal and in our Webshop: Shop Creative Nepal.

Sanitary packages, Saptari Terai

We can make a big difference in municipal schools. The children going to school here are mostly of poorer families. They often do not have the means to ensure proper hygiene and not at all for good sanitary products. What we also notice is that younger women would like to make a difference, for their own generation but also for the next. Good information about menstruation and the hygiene involved is the first step. By being present as a man on these days of information, we target the taboo from both points of view. It is just as important for men to know what the period consists of as it is for a woman.

Training centrer women, Saptari Terai

For a number of years, Local Women’s Handicrafts has a beautiful workshop in one of the suburbs of Kathmandu, Goldhunga. At the moment 35 women are there working making beautiful products and have a safe and stable place. Foundation Creative Nepal supports the construction of a new center in Saptari, Terai, a region in the southeast of Nepal where the separation between man and woman is greater than in the regions as Kathmandu. Construction is going well and now there are about 20 women at this moment. The goal is to employ 60 women full – time.

Cleanup and construction of and waste cabin at Khagendra

Normally, every week waste is cleared at Khagendra. That is the rule but unfortunately, this rule has exceptions. With regularity, the trash is so high that there’s a pretty mountain in the yard. With a result that dogs, cats, and birds open the bags. To prevent this we build a small garbage house with leftover material we had. now the trash is behind lock and key and cannot be accessed by animals. As an extra win, we could use old material that was lying around so the costs are low and the garden is clean.

Solar-boilers at Khagendra

Especially in the winter months, it can be pretty cold in Nepal. During the day it’s nice in the sun, but in the buildings, it is still pretty cold. Hot water is a necessity, to wash, shower and clean. The hot water facilities in Nepal are usually by solar boilers. Where Khagendra was originally built for 35 residents and so also the hot water supply, it was no longer sufficient for the 77 occupants at the moment. We are pleased that we have been able to place an enlargement of two professional installations this year. So that in all the shower rooms, washrooms, and the kitchen is enough hot water.

Chiya Maya and other residents at Khagendra

For many of the residents of Khagendra, there’s a risk of getting pressure sores. A paraplegic does not feel when lying in a certain position for too long, with as a result that the pressure points are giving problems up to open wounds. In some cases, even so bad, that people are dying from infections. A good air pillow in the wheelchair and air mattress on the bed are the best solutions to prevent this. The air mattress moves gradually all night long enough to never be too long in one position.

For Chiya Maya, Nisha Chhetri and Santaman Rana, we were able to provide an air pillow and air mattress. With this, they have the certainty that they can sleep better and sit longer in the wheelchair without the worry of pressure sores.

Emergency aid floods Terai, Nepal

In the south-east where Nepal borders India, people often live below the poverty line. The main source of income is agriculture, but in a region often tormented by floods, it is not an easy task. This year, too, the floods hit again. In the monsoon months, which causes a lot of water trouble every year throughout Nepal, it became an emergency in the Terai. Emergency aid from the government is slow in these areas so external support is very important. Together with Local Women’s Handicrafts, we were able to help around 700 people. By handing out emergency packages.

Unfortunately, emergency aid is needed every year. Support us so that we can act quickly and adequately: Support Creative Nepal.

Sponsoring Bogati family

The Bogati family is from a remote area where opportunities are not available. Poverty brought the family in a difficult situation. This caused them to be shunt from the community. After contact with Local Women’s Handicrafts, we decided to offer help to the family, the mother, the Lalkala and the three children. Now Lalkala has sponsorship, a training in weaving and the three children can go to school.

We thank our sponsors, especially Foundation ProActive Nepal , for making this possible.

Renovation rooms at Khagendra

There are several people with severe mental disabilities living at Khagendra. The care for this group is difficult to realize since the staff are not trained for cases like this. Also, the living space, bedroom, and other facilities are insufficient. Fortunately, we have been able to adjust the dorm of the living area this year. At least they now have a nice room that’s fresh, clean and more accessible.

We thank the people of the March 2019 sponsor trip of Foundation ProActive Nepal for making this possible.

Four wheel scooter for Dinesh and Puspa at Khagendra

Some of the residents at Khagendra have work outside the door or go to school or college. The nearby school is specially designed for people with a disability. For those who want to study after primary school, it’s more difficult. Colleges in the neighborhood are hard to access. For Dinesh Khattri (paraplegic) and Puspa Bhatta (paraplegic) a four-wheel scooter was the best solution. Now they can go to a wheelchair friendly college and pursue their studies.

In 2020, a four-wheel scooter for Jenisha on the schedule. If you want to support her, take a look here.

Some of the residents of khagendra have difficulty moving on in a regular wheelchair. That makes their world pretty small too. They Can’t hardly be off the property. An electric chair is a fine solution. This year we can achieve this for Sunil Dangol and babulal bk. It’s nice to see they re even more freedom. They can also be so much easier to work, like Babulal works in Bia (boddoisattvas in action).

For the next year we’re still looking for sponsors for at least one other resident. Dorjet Sherpa. You can support us through this pagina:  Support Creative Nepal

Improvements “The Box’ at Khagendra

“The Box” like the space at Khagendra, where about a 11 distant disabled people are staying during the day, was a thorn in the eye for any visitor and, of course, an unpleasant place to stay for the residents. This really had to be changed. Thanks to the  sponsorship group of Foundation ProActief Nepal, we have been able to make a huge difference in the lives of these residents this year. Namely, a new ceiling, white and blue painted construction and better lighting were step one. Pillows, and curtains along with some decoration complete the whole thing.

The next step is to improve the washing area and the showering part.

Support Foundation Creative Nepal

Our work in Nepal continues. For the next year there are  again great projects on the planning. Renovations at Khagendra, sponsorship of residents and support for women who have been living in difficult situations. An important objective is to provide 5,000 women with a sanitary package during the information days. With programs like this, we achieve a lot. So we create more consciousness, we help eradicate the taboo on menstruation and break down with the old use chhaupadi, where women have to separate themselves from society during their period. To achieve this, we need your support.

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