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Would you like to offer the less fortunate in Nepal a better life and a future? That can be done by Foundation Creative Nepal.
With your contribution we support sustainable projects with the focus on self – employed, awareness and strengthening the Nepalese society.

Foundation Creative Nepal is an ANBI registered foundation. Recognised be the dutch government for its vuluable work. Donating to our foundation is not only satisfying, but also has tax benefits for individuals and businesses. Read all about the ANBI and taxconditions.


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Foundation Creative Nepal

We don’t like big offices and expensive means to achieve our goal. Our board consists of voluntary workers who want to do something for others and in this way contribute to the wellbeing of people in Nepal. Yet, setting up projects, sponsorship and working in the field involves certain costs. For us to be able to do our job, your support is very much needed. We take care of transparency and try to always make the most of your donation. Foundation Creative Nepal is a non-profit organisation.

‘by remaining small, Foundation Creative Nepal can do big things’

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