About Creative Nepal

Sustainable Development

By keeping the focus on basic needs and what is achievable we can work towards a sustainable future

Creating Awareness

Under the motto;’a better world begins with yourself, Foundation Creative Nepal wants to create awareness and encourage people to make their own contribution

Working Together

By working together with local initiatives, with the same purpose, we can build a better world for everyone

‘by remaining small, Foundation Creative Nepal can do big things’

Creative Nepal

‘by remaining small, Creative Nepal can do big things’

Welfare, Education and Care are important factors in a human life.
In Nepal these three factors cannot be taken for granted, which causes their basic needs to come in danger. To work with local initiatives who focus on improving these factors, once can start to develop a sustainable company.
Personally I think that local initiatives work well, definitely if there is a good collaboration between people who have the same goal in mind.

A better world for everyone!

Via this website you can support the initiative for free by using the links before you make a purchase at one of the connected web shops. It doesn’t cost you extra but it makes sure we can keep on doing what we’re doing in Nepal.

t: +977 9808 765 231 (np)
t: +31 68 115 1166 (nl)

Douwe Kiran Soeting


My name is Douwe Kiran Soeting, born on 14th of February 1979 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. After finishing the Free School in Bergen I took the first step in going abroad: I worked a year on a Camphill in Norway. Another language, another culture, new people.

I have loved traveling ever since and have been to the most diverse places in the world, either to work or travel. Soon I found out that it meant much more to me to work and live somewhere and to really get to know the culture and people, instead of exploring a country as a tourist.

In the past years I have often been abroad, which resulted in creating my dream. Creative Nepal, an initiative with which I can do something others and make sure I can deploy myself at places where it’s necessary. What started as a comparable website with Outdoor products, is now getting to the core, what is way more important to me: charities and good initiatives.

Joost van Riel


In 2016, Douwe told me he would go to Nepal to work, never expecting that it would yield Creative Nepal. After his six months of voluntary work there, he came back to The Netherlands for 1,5 week and asked me to help him shape Foundation Creative Nepal.

Because I’ve always been interested in other cultures and ways of life in other countries, I read about the initiatives that occupied Douwe. This made me decide I wanted to join him.

Besides holidays in Europe, I’ve backpacked through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico. I also recently went to Paramaribo.

Last march 2019 I’ve been to Nepal and met the people who we are working with and saw the projects we support. This time in Nepal has made a deep impression on me. I have always wanted to mean something in countries where things are worse than in Western countries for both nature and the indigenous population. Now I can make this happen by being part of the Creative Nepal board.

I currently live in The Hague, working part-time at Passion Support, an ICT company that offers support to companies using mostly Apple products. Beside that I work for myself as webdesigner and photographer at www.josijo.nl and joostvanriel.nl


Annemijn Mors


I am Annemijn Marieke Mors, born in Haarlem, The Netherlands. I ended up in Nepal in 2017 through my passion for discovering new cultures. Where I volunteered in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal for a few months at a primary school. My visit to Nepal wasn’t a one time adventure, since I returned to the country and its people within the year. This time I spent my time helping Douwe with the projects of Foundation Creative Nepal.

Information Foundation Creative Nepal

Name: Foundation Creative Nepal

Address: Welgelegenstraat 15, 2548 SE ‘s Gravenhage, Nederland
E-mail address: info@creativenepal.nl
Phone number: ‭+31 (0) 614 256 439‬

Accound number: NL 48 BUNQ 2206 0230 59
Bic/Swift code: BUNQNL2A
Registration numbers: KVK 70825726 – RSIN 813228852

Legal persons: Joost van Riel – Voorzitter

Administrative Council:
Joost van Riel – Chairman
Annemijn Mors – Secratary
Krien Soeting – Treasurer

Douwe Soeting – Initiator

The promotion of development cooperation in Nepal;
the promotion of education, welfare and health in Nepal;
the provision of all further acts, set within the above, in the broadest sense may be conducive or relate.

Remuneration Policy: 
Our Foundation is a small organization, where everyone works on a voluntary basis. There are no salaries paid to Board members and/or volunteers. Only be expense declared as maintaining the website and the use of office supplies and the like. Also working visits to Nepal are for own account of the Board members.

Foundation Veldwerk (Netherlands, Nepal)
Khagendra New Life Home (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Local Women’s Handicrafts (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Silent Voices (Nederlands, Nepal)


Each year, Creative Nepal prepares an annual report and an operating overview. In these documents, the foundation gives account for the policy pursued and the projects.
Targeted donations are used to fund our activities in Nepal. The costs in Nepal are the communication and transport for monitoring the projects, and contributing to local projects.

The commission generated by the provision of various stores and companies are used for both Nepal and our activities in the Netherlands.

In The Netherlands these are expenses related to:

  • Maintenance of the website of Creative Nepal
  • Promotion
  • Fundraising

Only costs incurred can be claimed.

Annual report

We officially become a Foundation since February 2018. The first annual report will be published at the beginning of 2019.

Annual report

Policy plan – Articles of Association – Privacystatement

SCN has a policy plan as the Foundation and statutes which, inter alia, the objectives of the Foundation. You can read also how the Board is composed and how members of the governing board are chosen and appointed.

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