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Khagendra New Life Home

Khagendra is an institution for people of all ages with severe physical and/or mental disability. Khagendra offers permanent housing and cares for 77 people through shelter, physiotherapy, nursing, and nourishment three times a day. At Khagendra, residents feel at home.

Foundation Creative Nepal contributes to the general living conditions of Khagendra by investing in, among other things, improving housing facilities, sanitary facilities, hygiene, and activities. This makes the lives of the residents at Khagendra a lot more fun and easier.

Improvement living conditions

The sanitary facilities at Khagendra require a thorough adjustment and upgrade. The situation now ensures that not all toilets can be used, so different residents have to unnecessarily bother to shower or simply go to the toilet. It’s time to make the necessary adjustments and renewal in it so that the sanitation is accessible to all residents. There are five sanitary rooms in the main building. For the gents, for the ladies, and for the employees. The smaller back building has two additional rooms, one shower and one toilet and a laundry room. Over the years, these spaces have deteriorated further and now they no longer meet the need.

Hygiene and safety can no longer be guaranteed, which has made the shower and toilet corridor a considerable survival, especially for the less mobile inhabitants. Renewal and improving these important areas will ensure that sanitation provisions for each resident are more convenient and without danger.

Daycare at Khagendra

There are about 75 differently-abled peolpe living at Khagendra New Life Home. They have shelter here and the necessary care and food. What’s left is time spent during the day. Many of them cannot use their hands sufficiently, but some certainly can. Besides, some residents work elsewhere to provide for themselves. For those residents who have sufficient mobility in their hands, we have created a day’s spending. Making Bracelets, Dreamcatchers and other handmade products. These can be purchased through our webshop: Creative Nepal

Sponsoring residents

In addition to the renovations and projects we do, we also support residents who do not have the means to pay the costs for Khagendra. They often come from far-away villages where they cannot receive the care they need. Besides, we offer individual sponsorship to residents who, for example, need additional assistant in the form of tuition fees or medical examinations.

If you want to sponsor a resident, please contact us [email protected]

Cost per resident

The monthly cost for Khagendra New Life Home is 6000 rupees (about 50 euros) per month. With this, the residents are given housing, food three times a day, medical care. Besides, there are also regular activities organized by schools, the Buddhist community or other organizations.

These are the residents currently sponsored through Foundation Creative Nepal.

Santaman Magar


Suryamaya Tamang


Puna Rai


Dinesh Khattri


Tej Bahadur Magar


Sunil Dangol


Nisha Chhetri

Nuromusculaire scoliose

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