Khagendra New Life Home

‘A home base with the best possible care for disabled people, within the given circumstances’

Khagendra is an institution for people of all ages who are severely physically and/or mentally disabled. Khagendra offers permanent care to 67 people by giving them daily physiotherapy, nursing and caring. Many residents feel at home at Khagendra.

Foundation Creative Nepal contributes to the general living conditions at Khagendra by for instance investing in improving the housing facilities, sanitary, hygiene and activities. This makes the life of residents of Khagendra easier and more fun.

In addition, we help the residents who can no longer carry the costs for Khagendra by circumstances. Similarly, we offer individual sponsorship to residents who, for example, need additional support in the form of study fees or external surveys.

Donation Residents

Targeted donations to residents of Khagendra are used for this group and deployed on the base cost.

If you want to sponsor a resident personaly please send an email to


Costs per Residents

The monthly fees for Khagendra are 6000 rupees (about 50 euros) per month. These costs are paid for medical care, shelter and food three times a day.

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Projects Khagendra New Life Home

Sponsoring Residents 

Age: 25 years old
Handicap: Paraplegic
Paralyzed on both legs

Costs  2019: ±€600,-

Dinesh Khattri

Dinesh, 25 years old, went to Khagendra at the age of 21. He fell from a hill at the age of 12, what resulted in paralysation on both legs. He currently studies in class 12, the final year of high school. After this he wants to continue his education with a bachelor degree. Besides studying, he loves listening to music and singing.

Will you help him?

Age: 30 years old
Handicap: Paraplegic
Paralyzed from her neck down

Costs 2019: ±€600,-

Puna Rai

Puna Rai (30 years old) has been living at Khagendra for two years. Three years ago she fell from a tree, which caused damage to her spinal cord. Besides, trouble with one eye made her half blind.

Everyday you’ll see Puna with a book in her hand. Reading is what fills most part of her day. She does have contact with her parents, but they are simply too poor to be able to give her money.

Will you help her?

Age: 28 years old
Handicap: Quadriplegia
Paralyzed from his neck down

Costs 2019: ±€600,-

Sunil Dangol

Sunil Dangol, a 28 year-old man, has been suffering a handicap since he was four. He fell while doing gymnastics, what resulted in his paralysation. He used to be a taxi driver and loved doing sports, but nowadays he only watches football on his laptop. There is no possibility for him to be able to do sports again. Sunil mostly spends his time in a wheelchair or in bed.

Will you help him?

Age: 78 years old
Handicap: Paraplegic
Paralyzed on both legs

Costs 2019: ±€600,-

Shantaman Rana Magar 

Shataman Rana Magar is 78 years old and is suffering from paraplegia, which means his lower body part is paralysed. Since nine months, Shantaman and his family are no longer able to pay the 6000 rupees (approx. 55 euros) a month. The medical care, shelter and a meal three times a day are paid with this amount. It is necessary that these costs are paid, in order for Shataman to remain having a home

Will you help him?

Age: 24 years old
Paralyzed on both legs

Study Costs 2018: €238,-
For 2018 fulfilled
Courtesy of our sponsors

Tej Bahadur Magar 

Tej Bahadur Magar is 24 years old and has had spinal cord injury since he was born. He has been crawling ever since and then got cancer in both legs. When he was 14 years old, both his legs were amputated and since he has been in a wheelchair.

Will you help him?

Age: 19 years old
Neuromuscular Scolliosis

Nisha Chettri 

Nisha Chettri is 18 years old, and living in Khagendra has been two years. Early Age, she’d been out of nowhere by several times. At some point, it got too much, making her no longer walk and end up in a wheelchair.

For a long time her condition was onclear. At the start of this year we where able to go through a research trajectory.

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