Nepal in 2020

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Nepal is facing very difficult times, extremely difficult…the hard working people from this beautiful country that lay at the foot of the Himalaya’s needs your help, especially in their current situation. Nepal has been enduring a full lock down for 3 months and counting, no one has been allowed to leave their house for the past 3 months except for 1 hour a day and only within the vicinity of their home. The airport is closed until mid August which means no tourists will be able to visit Nepal.  This is devastating for a country who’s whole economy depends on tourism. But it gets worse. Even though stores are forced to close, the corrupt government is still demanding taxes to be paid on their businesses, the very same government who has imposed the lockdown on them! The government is only supporting the upper echelon of society since that is where money is to be made and where the votes count while the rest of the hard working population is left to their fate.

My name is Douwe Soeting and 3 years ago I founded Creative Nepal, a non profit organization that supports local initiatives that are self sustaining and run by Nepalese people. These organisations provide a stable base in their daily lives. We have been very successful and have attained a lot in the last few years!  

However, everything they worked so hard to established might be swept away literally and figuratively during the upcoming monsoon season. Due to the country being fully locked down for months, the farmlands were neglected against the farmers will, production of basic goods have come to a stand still and the upcoming rains will wash away their only chance to rebuild. 

Creative Nepal supports 2 beautiful initiatives that are fully run by locals. My vision: instead of supporting families directly financially, Creative Nepal can better sell the products that are made by Local Womens Handicrafts and Khagendra. By supporting the business at large we will be in turn securing their jobs. They can in turn support their families by providing them with daily necessities. 

One Christmas gift box of €12.50 can feed a whole family for 2 weeks. Furthermore, every cent of your donation goes directly to the people that need it the most in Nepal. Your donation of a mere €25 could feed a whole family for a month.

My heart bleeds: daily I receive messages from families that share that they do not have any food, that their children have not eaten in days. The situation is urgent and Creative Nepal can help them through your donation to this sustainable model. 

Do you have a business or work for a organisation that gives their personel a Christmas gift box? Choose our gift box or suggest our gift box to organisation your work for! The gift box consists of a beautiful scarf, made by the women at Local Women’s Handicrafts, and a bracelet made by the residents at Khagendra. This is a gift box with a beautiful story and at the same time a gift to the citizens of Nepal.

Or are you a company that offers your personel the opportunity to support a good cause? Are you looking for a good cause to donate to for your own business? Keep us in mind!

Without donations, there is no future for thousands of families in Nepal that were already stuggling before COVID-19 hit.

Mail [email protected] for more information about the Christmas gift boxes and/or you can send in a donation via donate

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