Information Menstruation and Hygiene

Saptari Jila, Terai district Nepal

Also in the Terai, a secluded district bordering India, the taboo on menstruation reigns. The old use Chaupadi is still common. Menstruation is not spoken about and the girls don’t get information about what happens and how you deal with hygiene. Often they are given two extra underpants or an old Sari and they have to do it with that. With all consequences of this. It is therefore regular for young women to suffer terrible injuries, or even to die, by infections.

We cannot imagine that in the West, right?

This really has to be called to a halt! And with your support, we can help many girls and women by creating more awareness on this subject and offering them the easy-to-use, reusable sanitary package.

Not only with the girls but also boys and parents we can make a difference in consciousness. We can show that menstruation is a natural fact that everyone should be aware of. Women, but equally important, men too. This goes with the necessary counter-pressure from the municipality, mainly in men.

During the information days we give a training to girls and women about menstruation and hygiene, where we also try to involve as many men as possible. So they can see what the content and what an influence it has on the feminine body and life. More awareness and understanding for all parties.

With your donation SCN buys the sanitary packages at LWHNepal and hand them out to the students and women during the information days. Thus, the women of LWHNepal also maintain a stable basis.

A Win/Win situation!

This project will cost about €4300,-

These costs include:


  • 500 Sanitary Packages of €8,- each
  • Travel costs and accommodation of the promotion team of €150,-
  • Workshop and information of €150,-

The Sanitary Package

Foundation Creative Nepal and the women of Local Women’s Handicrafts are committed to ban the taboo considering menstruation; the monthly period.
Chaupadi is a very common habit from religious convictions, which forces women to isolate themselves from daily lives during their period. Having to sleep in cold and windy huts in remote villages is still the cause of death, unnecessary illnesses and other serious conditions.
To stop this habit that has already been declared illegal by law, we go by schools in small villages and communities to give information on the monthly period and we hand out a reusable and hygienic Sanitary Package to every girl and young woman.

Help us to make a big difference for these vulnerable girls!

The Sanitary Package

  • Two eco-friendly sanitary pads, made of antibacterial high quality, waterproof cotton
  • Two 100% cotton underwear
  • Six times a panty made of a double-layered cotton that is moisture absorbing and of high quality
  • One pouch of reused silk
  • One bar of soap
  • Once a nail clippers

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