Spring cleaning at Khagendra (Part 2)


In the last weeks, we sold a lot of old material at Khagendra.
It was quite a task to explain the purpose of this mission to the residents. Stuff on the roof and no more of use: Why sell? It’s not in the way, is it?
From the moment it became clear that it was also something that they would benefit from the choice was easily made.
A very nice sum of €750, – was the result.
And, of course, an ocean of space on the roof, but also in the backyard.
Personal items such as old wheelchairs and such are placed somewhere safe and more easily accessible so it can be used in the future.

Now that the difficult work is done, the cleanup is still going on. There is still dust and waste here and there which will be collected in the coming weeks.
Medical supplies, such as bandages and tape, which have been donated in the past few years by foreign organizations, got a dry and dust free place in a room on the ground floor.
The medical staff knows what’s in stock and doesn’t unnecessary need to buy new material. As promised, Foundation Creative Nepal will double the amount.

The mission was to create a new and better waste system. New trash cans and a better place to store waste before it gets picked up.
With this great sum, we can also buy new cleaning supplies, such as mops, brooms and new buckets.
The corridors and residential rooms are cleaned daily.
High time to help the staff with good material so that their job becomes easier.


Douwe Kiran

Stichting Creative Nepal

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